Il canale Cavour

The starting point can be one among the following railway stations: Chivasso, Crescentino, Trino.

With the needed authorization, we will ride on the canal banks of this historic and massive engineering masterpiece, built in 1866 to bring water from the river Po to irrigate meadows and rice paddies and connecting the longest Italian river to river Ticino.

Many amusing spots are along the way, such as the canal input gate, the beach and the “canal-bridge” overstepping the river Dora Baltea, the paddies and the typical birds populating this wet area.

 An extended version of the itinerary is also available, reaching historical villages like the Principato di Lucedio and the unique Bosco delle Sorti della Partecipanza.

Start/Arrival point: Chivasso

Day: on demand

Duration: full day – Picnic option available

Distance:  30 km – flat

Rate: depending on group size