Torino + Superga + ADVENTURE PARK

Thanks to the historical rack-tramway, also called “dentiera”, reaching the top of the hill and the Basilica of Superga is extremely easy and pleasant. The cycling itinerary stars here, on a paved road with limited speed and little motor traffic. The first stop is the Adventure Park, where we can experience climbing on top of the trees, walking on Tibetan bridges, “flying” on ziplines in complete safety, with all the gear given by the local park managers.

Right after lunch (packed lunch or at the local cafeteria), we start on our way back down to the city, rolling both on paved roads and, experiencing some easy single-track riding with mountain bikes.

If preferred, from the Adventure park we can also cycle back to the rack tramway, to enjoy an easier descent.

Prices for school excursions are set according to group size

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